SEO Techniques To Boost Ecommerce Website Traffic

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The rise of ecommerce has led to increased competition online, so businesses need to stay aware of tips and techniques in order to boost traffic to their ecommerce website.

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There's no doubt that ecommerce websites are a powerful tool for businesses today. Not only do they allow businesses to reach a wider audience, but they also provide a convenient and efficient way for customers to purchase products and services. Spending habits have changed greatly over the past few years, with more and more people turning to online shopping for things they need. The rise of ecommerce has led to increased competition online, so businesses need to stay aware of tips and techniques in order to boost traffic to their ecommerce website.

We’ve come up with some helpful and effective strategies that can increase your ecommerce website traffic. Keep reading!

Is your website optimised for search engines? 

This means including keywords in your titles, descriptions, and throughout the text on your pages. Utilising on-page SEO techniques is a good way to boost your website’s ranking, and in turn increase traffic to your website.

Does your content solve a question or provide information to your target audience?

This will help to attract visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. Publish content that is relevant to the search queries of your target audience, such as solving problems or providing valuable information. For an ecommerce website, an example of valuable content is to post how-to articles that involve the use of the products you sell.

Be mindful of your page load speed

Another on-page SEO technique to be aware of is page loading time. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, potential customers are highly likely to leave your website and go to a competitor instead. Reduce page loading times by optimising content and images on the page and see a lower bounce rate!

Utilise customer reviews

92% of consumers trust a recommendation from a friend, and a whopping 70% trust a recommendation from a total stranger. Incorporating your product reviews on your ecommerce website is a must! 

Establish your website’s credibility by utilising your 5 star reviews. Great Google reviews do wonders for boosting your website’s ranking as it increases your relevance, value and reliability.

By following these SEO tips and techniques, you too can optimise your ecommerce website for search engines and increase traffic to your site. This will help to boost your sales and grow your business!

To make sure your site gets traffic, we perform an SEO content audit to ensure the content on your site is sending the right signals. Then we provide on-going maintenance to ensure it suits the changing environment while remaining true to your goals.

When tech changes, the rules change. When you engage Shout, we'll conduct an SEO technical audit to ensure your site is best suited to the demands of a changing digital world while providing ongoing support.

To make your content more and more visible, our content authority methodology ensures the content on your site works with digital systems to increase the visibility of your site. This means optimising results on search engines, social media, other sites and your own.

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Effective websites are the cornerstone of every successful Australian business.

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