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Top performing SEO starting from $450 per month... Your potential customers on the Central Coast are searching online for your services every single day. Make sure it's your business they find!

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SEO Central Coast

Get your Central Coast business ranking with SEO

We thrive by helping small and medium businesses to grow by generating leads that eventually turn into sales from the most profitable keyword search terms. With our broad knowledge and experience in delivering tailored SEO strategies for any kind of business, successful results are almost in the palm of your hands. It does not bring a huge immediate result as it is a long continuous road to take, but it makes all the difference to start building your online visibility. Growth and success do not come in a blink of an eye. It happens when hard work, expertise, and great strategies are implemented by SEO experts who understand how the algorithms work.

SEO that delivers more visibility, website traffic, leads, and sales revenue.

At Volcano Marketing, we specialise in ranking service based Central Coast businesses through SEO. As a business owner, SEO is an acronym that you have probably come across multiple times. You might even have some reservations about it and that is entirely normal... In this digital world, many people still see it as a mysterious 'voodoo magic' that is not only difficult to figure out but also to implement and maintain successfully. In reality, SEO is quite simple, it is the process of ensuring your website is the most relevant source of information for a search engine users query.

Targeting the right audience

Before going into the more technical areas, our SEO experts need to dive straight into the research phase first to find out exactly what your ideal customers are searching for, as well as the demographics that you are targeting. Combining thorough keyword and topic research with competitor analysis means that no stone will remain unturned and you can rest assured that you are going to be found at the right time during the customers searching process online.

Let the work begin...

Once we know the target keywords for your SEO campaign, our expert team will start customising a well-structured SEO-friendly website for your business and start sharing it on relevant sites to help your website to start ranking higher on search engines for your targeted keywords. Our dedicated SEO experts can identify what makes your business unique, allowing us to create and publish unique content that relates to your target audience to ensure that you will not only engage your prospects, but also build trust and establish your business as a go-to authority in your industry. Our team of creatives will also create relevant content for your business such as videos, blogs, articles, infographics, and link from other high-ranking sites regularly.

The digital space is always changing and so are the algorithms that keep the websites ranking higher in search engines. That is why our team always makes sure to keep track of the latest SEO updates to help improve the strategies that we implement for every client. Every day we continue to fine-tune our skills and knowledge to ensure the quality of our works. Always remember that there is no harm in opening your business to larger possibilities.

Your Path To Success

Why Choose Us?

Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a combination of quality on-page & technical work, targeted educational content, and ethical link building.

Creativity, in-depth research, analysis, and dynamic strategies will be your weapon to help you grow your business and widen your clientele.

SEO Services

Keyword & Competitor Research

Keyword research is where all our SEO campaigns begin. Before starting any on-page or off-page updates, we conduct comprehensive research to identify the most relevant & highly searched keywords that people use to search for the products or services your business provides. We also do deep competitor research to see where your competitors are ranking and eventually plan better strategies to help your website rank higher. We can also customise the keywords that you want to use and build them up effectively from scratch.

On-Page Content

On-page content is the process of ensuring that every word on your website is highly relevant and useful to your visitors. Our team of creatives can make sure that all kinds of content on your website is structured correctly and strategically so the search engines will know which pages are relevant to show in search results for certain keyword terms. Although, on-page content does not stop with written text. Creative touches of infographics and video clips on your website are also included and adding them would make it more engaging for possible clients.

On-Page Technical SEO

It is vital to ensure that there is nothing that blocks Google from crawling and indexing your website. Crawling and indexing are important because it helps Google deem your site informative and rank it higher than your competitors. Bad crawlability and indexability can hurt your search engine rankings that will also affect your online visibility. That is why we at Volcano ensure a scheduled check, fix, and optimisation of your website. We also make sure that all our clients' websites are mobile-friendly, fast to load, secured, and are easy for users to navigate.

Link Building & Off-Page SEO

These are all the other efforts done outside the premise of your website to help impact your rankings in search engine result pages. Believe it or not, Google views links as highly important to determine the value of a website. If no links are pointing to it, the search engines will have a hard time considering its value no matter how engaging and fresh its content might be. Link building is conducted to show Google that your business is an authority and must be shown in search results. There are various link building techniques that we use to get the best outcome.
Your Burning Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Work with Volcano Marketing for SEO
Central Coast

At Volcano Marketing, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and back up our claims with proven SEO results on the Central Coast. We welcome all kinds of small to large businesses and we work hard not just for what we promised, but with the mindset that we should help all our clients grow to reach their full potential. We have managed many successful SEO campaigns on the Coast during the past years and have the results to show for it. We are consistently growing together with our clients in reaching our definition of success.

How will my business benefit by doing SEO on
Central Coast

Once we have your website ranking at the top for your target keywords, you're not paying per click and you'll appear for every search. We will target search engine users who are searching with the intent to purchase and build our SEO campaigns around those search terms. By targeting the highest searched keywords using content marketing and link building efforts, we can dramatically increase the leads and sales that your business generates.

Why should I use my advertising budget on SEO for my
Central Coast

Great question! The answer is pretty straight forward... Search Engine Optimisation is the most profitable long-term strategy to drive leads to your business. When running paid ads to your website you're paying for each and every click and will only show as long as your daily budget allows, but once your website is ranking in organic search you're always there and not paying every time someone comes to your website.

How Much Does SEO Cost in
Central Coast

This is based entirely on the amount of work which will be required to get your website ranking. In general, this is based off the competitive nature of the keywords being targeted. Things like your industry, target locations and number of keyword terms will make a difference to the level of work required.On the Central Coast, our clients are on packages ranging from $450 - $3,200 per month with the average spend of $1,250 per month. We promise to provide a tailored SEO program that will fit your needs and requirements to deliver a positive ROI.

Do I Have To Pay Per Click?

One of the great benefits of SEO means you do not pay per click when someone clicks on your website from search engines, you are only paying for the SEO work to be done in the background. We have clients on the Central Coast who have been paying $16 per click with paid ads, this has become less than $1.20 per click for the keyword with SEO traffic.

Which Industries Do Volcano Marketing Work With?

nlike some SEO agencies, we have carved out a specialist niche and have a proven track record of delivering top of first page outcomes for service-based businesses on the Central Coast.

We do not offer SEO services for product-based e-Commerce websites or businesses. If your Central Coast business offers a service, we can help you scale your sales & revenue through our SEO services.

How Long Will It Take Me To Rank For My Search Terms?

This varies depending on how long your website has been live for, what industry you operate in, and how competitive your industry is. As a guideline, you will see a substantial uplift in SEO rankings within the first 3 months, and generally will get to the 1st page within 5 to 7 months (often sooner).

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